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About Us

Why Gutsy Girls

Traveling is not just about going somewhere or seeing something, it’s about the memories you make while there, the stories you share with friends and family, and for us the photos we take. Our love for  traveling, storytelling and photography inspired us to create this blog. Our goal is to share honest first-hand travel experiences, tips and tricks, and travel inspiration. We hope you’ll come on this journey with us and find your own inspiration!


Hey there! I’m Teri , a Texan native, avid traveler and aspiring photographer. I’m not a full-time globetrotter. I have daughter and family that live in Dallas and love coming home almost as much as I love embarking on a new adventure. You don’t have to quite your job to se the world, its all about finding your balance. I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Plan your dream vacation, a crazy adventure, or a fun weekend getaway!


Hi! I’m Ann and I love photography and travel. I’ve spent most of my adult life traveling, both for work and pleasure. But I didn’t truly begin  experiencing it till a few years ago. Today, I get joy from planning adventures, living them and then sharing memories. I want to inspire you to travel and make you believe that it’s possible today (not as a future dream). Join us on our adventures and come up with your own.

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We invite you to share our experiences through this blog and challenge you to find your own inner gutsy girl. We promise you don’t have to jump out of a plane to be gutsy.
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