European Itinerary Part 5 – Windsor and Trip Reflection

European Itinerary Part 5 – Windsor and Trip Reflection

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When we booked our flights to Europe we were able to get a good deal but it required us to fly in and out of Heathrow airport in England. Initially our last destination was going to be Amsterdam but to make the most out of the flight situation we choose to fly to London from Amsterdam and stay an extra night in Windsor before flying home.

Day 17 | Windsor

Flying into Heathrow airport, it was a short 20 minute Uber drive to the city center of Windsor.  The city is lovely and we enjoyed the touring Windsor Castle. 

In Westminster we stayed at the Crown and Cushion. The building was built in 1753 and is very quirky. The floor was so uneven that when we put a pen on the floor it rolled to the other side of the room! Of course, by bedtime I forgot all about the uneven floor and put my phone on nightstand, it slid directly off the nightstand to the floor. I tried to take picture of the room but it doesn’t do it justice. The staff was very nice and the room was comfortable, even if you did feel a little drunk walking around.

Looking Back

Would I go on this trip again? Yes, but not in the summer. Is this trip for everyone? Probably not. For us, jumping from country to country was part of the experience. Here are a few of our lessons learned from our trip:  

  • Ask for tap water, otherwise you will get fizzy water and be charged for it
  • People sit and eat for hours, if you want a check you need to ask for it
  • Most places require you to pay to pee, make sure you always have change on hand
  • Be prepared to pay for parking with coins, paying with credit card is not always a option 
  • Watch out for where GPS is taking you, small medieval streets can feel like driving on a side walk

For more tips check out our Tips for Traveling In Europe  and Our Favorite Travel Gear.

What are your thoughts on this trip? Drop me a comment below.

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