Tips for Traveling in Europe

Tips for Traveling in Europe

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Here are some tips we have learned from our travels in Europe.

  1. Carry cash in small quantities. The best way to get local currency is at a local bank ATM. Cash is king in a lot of European countries.
  2. Always have coins for rest rooms and parking.
  3. Download offline Google Maps before leaving home.
  4. Don’t sit your purse on the floor or hang it on your chair in restaurants. Always keep it close. I also carry a anti theft purse for extra protection.
  5. Data is your friend, use local SIM card or setup international plan with your phone carrier.
  6. Take advantage of Wi-Fi, it’s prevalent all over the world. Be careful not to use public Wi-Fi when viewing personal data, like banking or credit card info.
  7. Pack Febreeze and dryer sheets to keep clothes fresh.
  8. Bring empty water bottle with filter, buying water can be expensive.
  9. Bring a pen to fill out customs forms – you don’t want to be stuck in the immigration hall with no pen, this happened to us and it was very frustrating.
  10. Noise canceling headphones – so nice on long flights.
  11. If you are using your phone as your main camera consider buying a lanyard to keep you from dropping it or someone pulling it from your hands.
  12. If you’re taking public transportation, watch your belongings closely, tourists are a prime target in these crowded areas.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Traveling in Europe

  1. Great tips – some of these would never have crossed my mind when planning a trip (like the coins for the rest room / parking).

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